Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hands (Patti Smith), 2010

PATTI SMITH in Berlin!!!

FINALLY. The GREAT Patti Smith came to Berlin! She was just totally fantastic. She dedicated "Space Monkeys" to her friends, R.E.M. who are here in Berlin recording there next album (and im certain its going to be an another amazing album!!!)... thennnnnnnnnn a big bonus was Michael Stipe and gang joining her on stage a few AMAZING! I took like over a hundred photos, here are a few...


1 Ask the Angels
2 Redondo Beach
3 Ghost Dance
4 Free Money
5 Play with Fire (The Rolling Stones cover)
6 Space Monkey
7 Dream of Life
8 People Who Died (The Jim Carroll Band cover)
9 Dancing Barefoot
10 Because the Night
11 Pissing in a River
12 People Have the Power
13 Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)
14 Rock N Roll Nigger/Gloria

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Düsseldorf & Köln

a Mondrian @ K21 STÄNDEHAUS Düsseldorf

Piet Mondrian, "New York City I", 1941

Mike KELLEY @ Museum Ludwig

Isa GENZKEN @ Museum Ludwig

Kolumba pt. 3

"Dish with the Head of John The Baptist", early 16th century

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kolumba pt. 2

Paul Thek's "Shrine" 1969, glass box with photographs, documents, magazines, wax, 2 fruit juice bottles, gold cord, and personal objects owned by the artist.

And early fashion illustrations by Paul Thek circa 50's

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cologne & Kolumba pt. 1

Went to Cologne twice during my stay in Dusseldorf, and I really love it there...seriously if I had bank, I would move there right now! Okay, well, most likely would move there....anyhow went to the Kolumba (The art museum of the Archbishopric of Cologne)..absolutely FANTASTIC...The exhibition, "Bequest" is currently on view, it's great exhibition of archeological finds, religious artifacts, and contemporary art...My jaded self was blown away by the ways of presentation and works in general, especially the STUNNING excavation site, early fashions illustrations by Paul Thek in the same space as the vestments of Josef Cardinal Frings, the Crucifix from Erp, the head of John the Baptist, a room of monstrances housing beautiful crosses and crowns along with another Paul Thek piece titled Shrine. much much more to list here.....due to no flash policy, the images are a little hazy